Path of History

path_of_history_mock_sign2“Path of History” is a series of informational markers placed in significant locations throughout the City. Through text and photos, the City’s rich history is brought to life for all to learn and enjoy.

Originally developed by the Leadership Redondo Class of 2002, the most recent markers (#s 6 and 7) were installed in December 2022 after a more than twelve-year hiatus. The Historical Commission has undertaken “rebooting” the project, as well as expanding the program to North Redondo Beach locations.

 The original proposal identified the following 24 markers to be located in the “Original Town Site,” (approximately Spreckels Lane to the north, Prospect Avenue to the east, Avenue B. to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the west).

PATH OF HISTORY SITES (The seven markers in red have been installed.)

  1. Salt Lake
  2. Power Plant
  3. Red Car
  4. Salvation Army
  5. The Plunge and Lightning Racer
  6. Chautauqua Society and Hall
  7. Vincent Park/Lamp of Learning
  8. Fox Theater
  9. Downtown (Czuleger Park)
  10. Pacific Avenue and Red Car
  11. Marina/Harbor Construction (King Harbor and the Marinas)
  12. Old City Hall and Fire Station
  13. The Piers of Redondo
  14. El Paseo Amusements
  15. Monstad Pier
  16. Old Main Library
  17. Red Car and Santa Fe Depots
  18. Hotel Redondo
  19. Beach Scenes
  20. Wharfs and Railroads
  21. William H. Hall-City Designer (The Redondo Beach Plan)
  22. Dominguez Park Ranchos
  23. Gambling Barge
  24. Surfing: Sport, Music & Culture
  25. Ainsworth Staircase
 In 2021, the Redondo Beach Historical Commission identified twelve additional markers:

  1. Rancho Sausal Redondo and Rancho San Pedro (Ripley)
  2. Historical Redondo Beach Boulevard (Artesia)
  3. Aviation High School (near Performing Arts Center)
  4. Pier Avenue Marketplace
  5. 1940 fireworks explosion location
  6. Oil derricks/rigs
  7. Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (Redondo Beach side)
  8. TRW Tract
  9. Perry Park
  10. Congressperson Glen M. Anderson (at Anderson Park)
  11. Grant School/Grant School District
  12. South Bay Center/Galleria
SPONSOR a Path of History Marker

By contributing $1,000 or more, your company, organization or family name will be given a place of honor on a marker along the Path. (For a $10,000 contribution, your name will be displayed as the exclusive sponsor of one sign.)

Fill out the Sponsorship Form obtained through the link at above-right and send with your contribution. Or, contact the City at (310) 318-0610, ext. 3466 for more information. Your contribution is tax-deductible.

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