Plan Check Submittal


1.  Submit your proposed project to to obtain Planning and Zoning approval to confirm the project's viability.  Planning shall stamp the plan "Reviewed for Submittal/OK to Submit".
NOTE: Plans that are to be submitted to Building & Safety are required to have the Planning Stamp.  Obtaining Planning's Stamp for submittal is the First Step towards the plan review submittal process.

2.  Prepare your Residential Submittal package, according to the following:
3.  Prepare your Commercial Submittal package according to the following:
4.  Upon obtaining Planning's Reviewed for Submittal/ Ok to Submit Stamp, a complete Submittal Package shall be submitted on a "USB" in-person to the Building & Safety Department. It shall include applicable items identified in the Guidelines and Checklist with the specific naming convention:

  • Completed permit application, signed and dated "APPLICATION_FOLLOWED BY ADDRESS".
  • Complete Plan Set of Plans (Requires Planning Stamp) "PC1_COMPLETE PLANS_FOLLOWED BY ADDRESS".
  • Structural Calculations (if applicable) "PC1_STRUC CALCS_FOLLOWED BY ADDRESS".
  • Registered and Signed Energy Calculations (if applicable) "PC1_ENERGY CALCS_FOLLOWED BY ADDRESS".
  • - Soils Report (if applicable) "PC1_SOILS REPORT_FOLLOWED BY ADDRESS".
Permit processing and plan check submittals are processed during the following hours:
7:30 AM - 11:30 am and 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Multiple kiosks are provided at the Building & Safety lobby area to allow each visitor to sign in and facilitate assistance in the order of arrival. 
Early arrival is recommended. The counter will close promptly at times listed above.
For any questions regarding the submittal process contact the Building Division at 310-318-0636. 

1.  Provide a USB containing:
  • A complete revised set of plans as "one pdf" document named "PC2_COMPLETE PLANS_FOLLOWED BY ADDRESS", or PC3 etc., depending on submittal.
    • NOTE: Partial plans/slip-sheet resubmittals will not be accepted.
  • Revised or updated structural calculations stamped and signed named "PC2_STRUC CALCS_FOLLOWED BY ADDRESS".
  • Revised or updated registered energy calculations signed and dated named "PC2_ENERGY CALCS_FOLLOWED BY ADDRESS".
  • All required documents as identified in the Residential or Commercial Submittal Guidelines.
  • All original documents returned to the applicant with the PC1 (First Plan Review Submittal) are required to be provided.
2.  Provide an itemized response list indicating the following:
  • How each review comment(s) is addressed and the specific location on the plans, specifications, or calculations where the correction(s) is provided.
  • Include on the itemized list any changes to the plans or previously submitted documents that are not the result of the plan check correction process.
    • NOTE: Changes made to the plans that are not a result of responses to the plan review comments may result in additional comments on future submittals.
Cloud the updated changes on the plans.

1.  Plans have been approved by the Building Division. Permit staff will notify the applicant and inform them of the necessary permit fees, and final documents needed. Other department approvals (Engineering, Health Dept.) may be needed to pull the permit. The following items but not limited to, may be needed to issue the permit:
  • School fees
  • Approval of the Construction Waste Management by the Public Works Division
  • Issuance of an Engineering Public Right of Way Permit
  • AQMD Rule 1403 Demolition Notification if not submitted with the issuance of a Demolition Permit
2.  Balance due on permit fees. Permit staff will provide the applicant with an invoice to pay for the permit fees via an online payment portal or in person at the city cashier.
3.  Issuance of the permit. Upon permit fees being paid in full, permit staff will email an Approved Set of Plans, a copy of the permit, and an inspection card to the applicant.
NOTE: It is required that the Permittee provide a printed set of City Approved Plans onsite with a minimum size of 24" x 36", and for Solar a minimum size of 11" x 17".

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