Please note that before the sale of a property, a residential building report shall be provided to the buyer per the Redondo Beach Municipal Code.

How to request Building records

Follow these steps to request copies of official records.

1. Check that your request is within Redondo Beach

First verify that the address you are requesting a record from is within the City of Redondo Beach jurisdiction.

  • You can do this by entering the address into one of our digital Online Maps listed below. 



  • WARNING: If the address doesn't appear in the colorful area located on the map then it is likely to be located in an unincorporated area of Torrance or Hermosa Beach.
  • WARNING: We will not be able to process any request outside of the City of Redondo Beach jurisdiction. 

2. Download and complete the Residential Building Report Application

3. Fees

  • Standard Real Estate/Residential Building Report Fee : $137 (7-10 business days)
  • Accelerated Real Estate/Residential Building Report Additional Fee : $215 (1-2 business days)
  • Make sure to select both fees listed above on the online payment portal if you want expedited services.
  • Pay for your report online here : ONLINE PAYMENT PORTAL
  • The fees are set in the Master Fee Schedule.

4. How to submit Building Record Report Request

5. Receive records

Once your records request is processed a permit technician will contact you with an update. If documents are found, they will be released via email to the applicant. 

If your request includes plans, please read the section below.

The City keeps official copies of building records and staff would have to confirm whether a set of plans can be found. Anyone can view the plans, but if you want them copied, you need to get consent from the owner of the building. 

Request for plans

To request a duplicate set of plans, Building and Safety must first determine whether or not the set of plans can be found. Once staff has located the plans, please complete “Application for Duplicate Plans” packet (Forms A, B, and C); which you can obtain online or at City Hall. Upon submittal and approval of your Application for Duplicate Plans packet, the City will send the plans directly to an outside vendor for duplication. Plans may be copyright stamped by the design professional that drew the plans. Release of copyright stamped plans requires formal consent from the licensed professional through an Affidavit Process.

6. We will contact you

We will contact you within four (4) calendar days to let you know if the plans are available or if your request cannot be granted. Staff will notify you if your request will require consent from a design professional, see below for more information. 

7. Fees

  • The person (s) requesting duplication of plans shall pay the actual cost of duplicating the plans, plus a nominal
    administrative fee, established by City Council resolution. The costs for duplicating plans will vary. 

More information

The following Health and Safety Code Sections describe the requirements for maintenance and duplication of official copy of plans maintained by the City.


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