If you are a state licensed  contractor, please complete the following 

Applications can be emailed to BLMAIL@REDONDO.ORG or can be completed in person at the Business License Counter. 
Online processing time may take 2 to 5 days. 
After Licensing has processed your application, you will receive an email with payment instructions. 

General Contractors 
If you will be having subcontractors working at the job site they do need to have a business license. Please fill out a sub-contractor list when the job is complete and email to This will need to be completed in order to make an appointment for a final inspection. 

Tax and Fee Rates for CA State Licensed Contractors:

CA State Contractor Licenses BL Tax + CA SB1186 Fee Total
A- General Engineering Contractor $192 + $4 (SB 1186 Fee)* $196
B- General Building Contractor $257 + $4 (SB 1186 Fee)* $261
C/D- Specialty Contractor $129 + $4 (SB 1186 Fee)* $133
* SB 1186 Fees are subject to change
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