Garage Sale Affidavit

If you are planning on having a Garage Sale, you are REQUIRED to file an affidavit with the Licensing Division.  The affidavit is available below and there is no fee.  Please submit the completed affidavit to Licensing via email at BLMAIL@REDONDO.ORG or via fax at 310-937-6666.

Garage Sale Affidavit

Per the City's Municipal Code, Garage Sales are subject to the following regulations: 

Section 4-23.01. Restrictions

No person shall sell or offer for sale personal property in any residential zone except personal property owned, utilized, and maintained by such person or members of his family on or in connection with the premises....

Section 4-23.02. Garage and similar sales

In the event miscellaneous items of personal property are to be offered for sale to the general public by means of a garage sale, patio sale, or other sale similarly conducted, the person conducting such sale shall file an affidavit with the License Department stating that all the property to be sold is his own personal property and has not been acquired or consigned to him for the purposes of resale. Only one such sale may be conducted in any twelve (12) month period and shall be limited to not more than three (3) consecutive days or two (2) consecutive weekends of two (2) days each.
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