Getting A Business License

All businesses must have a city business license to operate in Redondo Beach. 
"It is unlawful for any person to transact and carry on any business, trade, profession, calling or occupation in the City without first having procured a license from the City" RBMC 6-1.06

Types of business that would be included but no limited to rental property, home based businesses, nonprofits, special events, contractors and pop up vendors etc. 

Applications can be emailed to BLMAIL@REDONDO.ORG or can be completed in person at the Business License Counter. 
Payment: Staff will advise after we have processed your business license application, as rates vary depending on the type of business activity. 
After Licensing has processed your application, you will receive an email with payment instructions.

What is needed to apply for a Redondo Beach Business License

 You will need the following documents: 

Additional Documents that may be required
Business Name   
Depending on what you will be using for your business name, you will be required to submit a copy of the document. These documents would include Fictitious Business Name (DBA) that has been filed with LA County, Statement of Information that has been filed with the Secretary of State (LLC or Corporation).

Tax ID
Depending on what you are using. If you are using your Social Security Number then this is not needed. If you are using a EIN Number then you are required to submit a copy of the letter you received from the IRS with the number on it.
Seller's Permit
If you are selling any type of product/item then a copy of the Seller's Permit that was filed with LA County is required. 

If you are a state licensed professional, we required a copy of the license. 

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