Risk-Base Fire Inspection (RBFI) Program

The Redondo Beach Fire Department is implementing a new Risk-Based Fire inspection (RBFi) program. The program is designed to change the inspection cycle for specific businesses to three years and focus annual inspections on higher risk residential and public assemblage buildings as determined by state law and the RBFi program. This new program will enhance public safety, reduce costs to residents and apply a risk-based approach in alignment with industry best practices.

After conducting extensive research, the fire department created a risk-based matrix using current best practices coupled with unique permit requirements such as restaurants with fire suppression hood systems, hazardous material permits, or occupancy loads that would present fire safety challenges. The RBFiM inspection schedule is listed below.

RBFi Matrix (RBFiM)

  • Residential properties with three or more dwelling units, hotels and motels – annual inspection (required by state law Senate Bill 13146.2).
  • Occupancy with fire suppression systems – annual inspection.
  • Occupancy requiring hazardous materials permit – annual inspection.
  • Occupancy designated public assemblages with a permit load of more than 49 people – annual inspection.
  • Occupancy not included in a, b, c, d, will be inspected every three years.
  • Office buildings with common assemblage areas only require a single inspection rather than each individual office space being inspected.

The City Council has approved a new fire inspection fee schedule, reducing costs to small businesses and property owners. The fee's purpose is to recover the costs of providing these services and will be effective August 1, 2023. The City of Redondo Beach has contracted Fire Recovery USA from Santa Rosa for bill collection and invoicing purposes.

Inspection Fees:

  • Residential Fire Inspection: $78.00
  • School Fire Inspection: $128.00
  • Large Business/Assemblage Inspection: $138.00
  • Small Business Inspection: $138.00 (Every Three Years)
  • 1st reinspection: $0.00
  • 2nd reinspection:
    • Residential: $78.00
    • School: $128.00
    • Businesses: $138.00

The Redondo Beach Fire Department would like to thank all business owners and property managers for assisting with this critical public safety program.

Inspection Program Highlights:

Only Redondo Beach Fire Department Inspectors will conduct these inspections.

The City of Redondo Beach has contracted with two outside vendors to provide electronic fire inspection reporting and invoicing. Inspection notices and invoices will be electronically delivered and tracked to the email address you provide to our inspectors.

Inspection notices will come to you from:


Invoices and receipts will come from:


You will have the option of several payment methods. Please follow the instructions provided in your emailed invoice.


For invoicing and payment inquiries, you may contact Fire Recovery USA at (888) 650-5320.

For inspection and code inquiries, you may contact the Redondo Beach Fire Marshal’s Office by email at RBFDPrevention@Redondo.org or by calling (310)318-0663, ext. 3576.
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