Fire Prevention



The Fire Prevention Division provides inspection services, plan review, issuance of permits, fire code enforcement, fire cause investigations, internal safety investigations, citizen safety awareness programs, public fire education, public information services, and Fire Department community relations events.

The purpose of Fire Prevention is to protect the community by reducing the likelihood of loss of life, property damage, and environmental harm from fire, explosion, unauthorized release of hazardous materials, and natural disasters through engineering, education, and fire/life safety code enforcement.

In order to provide the public with the maximum protection from loss of life and property through fire, it is imperative that thorough and periodic inspections be made of commercial buildings and multi-unit residential structures. Engine companies and the Fire Prevention Bureau personnel conduct these inspections. At that time, they take steps to protect the lives and property of our residents by eliminating the potential causes of fire and improving the awareness of the public towards fire prevention and safety.

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