Engineering Services

BikePathThe Engineering Services Division of the Public Works Department develops and manages all major capital improvement projects implemented by the City and leads the traffic and environmental programs that protect and improve the quality of life in the City.

Capital Projects:  Once priority projects are identified, they are programmed into the Capital Improvement Plan (see Budget page), which is a 5-year financial model that identifies the project's preliminary budget and year of initiation.  The engineering staff serve as project managers through the funding, environmental, design and construction phases of these projects.

Pavement Management: Every few years the City surveys the condition of roadway pavement for all of its streets and prepares a report that helps prioritize future street rehabilitation projects to comply with the requirements of GASB 34.  A City-wide pavement network survey is an objective way to classify the pavement condition of individual street segments within a municipality’s street network.  The necessary information is collected by specialized vehicle mounted equipment traveling down each residential, collector, and arterial roadway segment in the City as part of a system-wide survey and used to determine the pavement condition, develop appropriate maintenance strategies, and perform budget analysis. The City is required to conduct the survey every three years in order to meet the reporting requirements of GASB 34 and to qualify for use of Proposition C and Measure R Local Return funding toward rehabilitation of City streets.  Historically, alleys have not been included in the survey because they are not required under GASB 34.

Below is a link to the most current Pavement Management System Report:

ROW Management: Not all construction on the public right-of-way is performed by the City.  Many utilities (e.g. water, electricity, telephone, cable, fiber optic) are installed and maintained by private or public organizations. Private construction (residential and commercial) may also impact the public right-of-way.  To ensure that construction by others in the right-of-way is carried out properly and safely, Engineering Services Division also develops engineering standards and requires permits and inspections for all construction projects that affect public property.

Traffic Issues: Traffic engineers in the department work on issues to improve mobility and safety on the City’s arterial roads and residential streets.  Traffic calming is an important element of this work and our engineers work with the City’s Public Works Commission to evaluate and make recommendations to City Council for improvements to the traffic system, which includes signals, striping, curb painting and signage.

Environmental Issues: The Division is also tasked with the City’s environmental programs, including the storm water quality program and management of the sewer collection system.  State regulations concerning pollutant discharge in storm water generated from rain within our borders or conveyed through City facilities, require the City to study, monitor, assess and treat storm water flows that discharge to the ocean and to the Dominguez Channel (east of the City).  Similarly, the City is responsible to operate and maintain the sewage collection system in a way that protects residents and the environment from overflows, leaks and spills.

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