Parks Maintenance

Parks_1The Parks Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining 33 parks and parkettes totaling 113 acres, 22 playgrounds, and approximately 33 acres of landscaped greenbelts, medians, and other public facility open spaces. Our maintenance inventory includes the major Parks and Parkettes (view map).
Parks Maintenance administers the tree pruning program for approximately 14,000 trees identified on City streets and in our park sites.
If you need information regarding park regulations, park reservations or park permits, please call the Community Services Department at (310) 318-0610. If you have questions or concerns regarding the maintenance of our City parks please call (310) 318-0686.

Tree Trimming
Tree Trimming and Pruning Schedule

The four areas for tree trimming (Grid 1 which will occur during Fiscal Year 2019-20, Grid 2 during Fiscal Year 2020-21, Grid 3 during Fiscal Year 2021-22, and Grid 4 during Fiscal Year 2022-23).

Parkway Trees
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