Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for 2022 - 2025

The Council’s Strategic Plan establishes the major goals and objectives for the City. It provides the principal guidance for the preparation of the City budget, program objectives and performance measures. The goals provide the basis for improving services and preserving a high quality of life in the City.

On a regular basis, the Council reviews and revises the plan. After considering the City’s Mission, the current challenges facing the City, and identifying external factors and trends that might impact the future, the Mayor, Council and management staff from all departments develop three-year goals and six-month objectives.

The three-year goals (not in priority order) for 2022-2025 are:

  • Modernize City Communication Systems
  • Vitalize Core Commercial Areas of the City
  • Increase Environmental Sustainability
  • Invest in the City's Infrustructure
  • Maintain a High Level of Public Safety
  • Enhance the Delivery of City Services
City Publications - Strategic Plan

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