City Attorney

City Attorney's Office
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The City Attorney's Office represents and advises the City Council, City Officials, and employees in all matters of law pertaining to their respective offices and or duties. Further, the City Attorney represents the City in all civil litigation. The office also prosecutes all misdemeanors and those felony cases referred back to the City Attorney's Office from the District Attorney.
Mission Statement

To protect the public's interest and uphold the law by providing comprehensive professional cost-efficient legal advice and representation for the City with the objective of avoiding civil litigation whenever possible. Further, to promote the public's safety by working diligently with law enforcement to aggressively prosecute all criminal activity within the City's jurisdiction. The City Attorney's Office conducts business under the directions of the Charter of the City and the guidelines of the Professional Rules of Conduct established by the California State Bar.

City Hall Hours

Open Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM, closed alternate Fridays
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