Public Records

Researching City Public Records

A variety of City Public Records are available immediately online to view here. Users can either browse documents or search for a specific document(s) by using a single word or phrase in a document. Documents available online include: Agendas & Staff Reports; Capital Improvement Program; Contracts/Agreements; Election Results; Financial Reports; Minutes; Ordinances; Resolutions.

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Requesting Public Records

Requests for public records may be made in person at the City Clerk’s Office located at 415 Diamond Street, Door 1, Redondo Beach; online using the City’s Customer Service Center; via email at; or in writing through U.S. mail, 415 Diamond Street, City Clerk’s Office, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. A Public Records Request Form may be used to submit your request.

The City Clerk’s Office has 10 days to respond to your request, however, a majority of these requests will receive a response within less time.  Responses to requests for multiple records, for records from various departments, or records that are stored off-site may take longer up to the 10 days.  An approximate date will be provided to the requester by City Clerk staff. Please note that there is a standard fee of $.10 per page of hard copy records.

Requests made under the California Public Records Act will be processed according to the requirements of the Act.
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