Waterfront Department

King Harbor Amenities Plan

The City of Redondo Beach has commenced a planning effort to establish a holistic framework plan to improve and enhance various public amenities within the City’s waterfront, King Harbor. With improved amenities, Redondo Beach's shoreline facilities will provide more resources for residents and visitors alike.

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The Waterfront is primed for a once-in-a-generation revitalization opportunity with new public and private investment. Many Waterfront business owners have committed to significant renovations and the City has also invested in public facilities in the area, including:

  • A Joint Harbor Patrol and County Lifeguard Facility
  • Renovation of the Seaside Lagoon Building 
  • Pier Streetscape Improvements 
  • Pier Parking System Upgrades
  • Harbor Drive Streetscape Improvements

Some of the area's most prominent improvements are attributed to partnerships with private investors and developers including the architectural renovation of RDR Properties' Redondo Landing on the Pier and Zislis Group's Shade Hotel on Harbor Drive, which opened in October 2016.

If you are interested in obtaining a Pier Entertainer Permit, please click HERE for the form.
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